Month: May 2016

Dark Alley Cat by Veronika Lozovaya

Veronika Lozovaya is an amazing doll artist born in Russia, based in Washington USA. Her unique style is described as Gothic. The artist shows the beauty of sadness and destruction in her works.
I invite you to discover the story of Veronika and the world of  Dark Alley Cats.
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Charlie Toys – dolls, teddy bears and ..wonders

Hi , today I want to present to you an artist from Russia, Nastya Zhuravleva aka Charlie Toys. She makes amazing colourful creatures. She loves fairy tales Read More

History of Peg Wooden Doll

Peg wooden dolls also known as Dutch dolls are a type of wooden doll from Germany and the Netherlands. They originated as simple lathe turned dolls from the Val Gardena in the Alps. These dolls were sold undressed. Young girls would then make their clothing from scraps of fabric. Read More

History of Apple Doll

An apple doll is a North American cultural phenomenon where the doll’s head is made from dried apples. The apple is peeled, then carved with the facial features of the doll. Next the apple is left to dry for several days or weeks. When completely dry Read More