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Mystical and full of life creations by Tatjana Raum

Tatjana’s Raum love for dolls began when she operated her own Boutique some years ago and needed dolls for her shop window.
“I was so fascinated by the gracious figures that i started buying these dolls as well as busts on ebay. The fought of changing or even creating a manikin on my own, led me to search again and again for new materials and ideas Read More

Soap Workshop in the Kitchen

Dear friends, today I’ll show you how to make soap in the kitchen.
You can make your soap as complicated or as simple as you like. The advantage of making your own soap is that you can make it with the ingredients that you choose and the fragrances Read More

Mystery Inside the Rings, handcrafted by Secret Wood

A whole universe in wooden rings, each designed and hand crafted in Vancouver, Canada, by Secret Wood exclusively, using beeswax, fine woods and jewelry resin. Every ring is unique and one of a kind, no two of the same kind will ever be the same. Read More

Potpourri Wreath

Hello, do you know what’s great about potpourri? Everything! This mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material smells good and looks good. When you don’t want anymore to keep the potpourri in a vase, and you are looking for a good idea… this is what you can do!  A wonderful, good smelling wreath! Read More

Eco Crafts

Crafting can be really good for the soul – and it can be extremely good for the planet. A project that uses materials that would otherwise be consigned to the bin means that there is less to dump in landfill sites and more to decorate your home.It’s all about turning trash into treasures – so joint eco-craft revolution!

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