Charlie Toys – dolls, teddy bears and ..wonders

Hi , today I want to present to you an artist from Russia, Nastya Zhuravleva aka Charlie Toys. She makes amazing colourful creatures. She loves fairy tales, magic, illusion, loves to be surprised and amaze others!
And she managed to amaze me. Her creations are great and unique. Each of them have something to tell us and form a world where is no space for malicious. Just look at them and you’ll find out their stories. They speak by themselves. Fruits and vegetables, flowers and galaxies – they all come alive, due to Nastya’s skilful hands and great imagination.
Oh, how pretty they are and how much love they  spread around.  I want to hug them all! <3





 If you want to see more works of Charlie Toys check the shop on etsy.

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