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History of Lenci Dolls

Lenci dolls are pressed felt dolls with painted features, manufactured in Turin by Enrico and Elena (Lenci) Scavini from 1919 until 1944. They are now collectables.
The bodies and the clothing of Lenci boy and girl dolls are made of pressed woolen felt. The bodies were machine stitched up the back and across the shoulders then hand stitched between the legs. This allowed them to wear low Read More

History of Fashion Dolls

Fashion doll is any kind of doll made to be dressed to represent current trends in fashion. They are made of of vinyl or another plastic, most often modeled as teen girls or adult women and used as toys and as collectable items. Read More

History of Puppets

Puppet is a type of a doll used in puppetry, a very old form of theatre. An entertainer that animates the puppet is called puppeteer. Puppetry is known since the Ancient Greece and there are written documents that mention theatre of puppets dating since  Read More

History of Ball-jointed Dolls

Ball-jointed doll is a type of articulated doll which parts are interconnected with ball and socket joints. They are made out of polyurethane synthetic resin, a type of hard plastic and the parts strung together with elastic. They are made to represent both sexes and ages between children and adult. Beside human-like dolls Read More

History of Paddle Doll

Paddle dolls are a type of female figurine found in burials beginning in the Egyptian Predynastic period, and particularly in the Middle Kingdom (2040–1750 BC). Female figurines made of clay, found in later tombs, are considered a later development of these sometimes elaborately coiffured wooden dolls. Read More

History of Peg Wooden Doll

Peg wooden dolls also known as Dutch dolls are a type of wooden doll from Germany and the Netherlands. They originated as simple lathe turned dolls from the Val Gardena in the Alps. These dolls were sold undressed. Young girls would then make their clothing from scraps of fabric. Read More

History of Parian Doll

A parian doll, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Dresden doll, was a type of doll manufactured primarily in Germany, from around 1860 to 1880. A parian doll, like a china doll, has a body made from fabrics and a head created from untinted white porcelain. Unlike the china doll however Read More

History of African Dolls

African dolls across the continent are created for young girls to play with and as a charm to ensure fertility in women. Their shape and costume vary according to region and custom. Frequently dolls are handed down from mother to daughter. Western dolls are popular in Africa and are often dressed with traditional garb. Read More

History of Bratz Dolls

Bratz dolls are fashion dolls manufactured by MGA Entertainment since 2001. They are designed to resemble teenagers and have characteristically large heads, narrow bodies and heavy makeup.
Bratz appeared for the first time in May 2001 Read More