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Christine Paper design

Like natural flowers, paper flowers are delicate and artistic. Some artists create paper flowers that are so beautiful and real, that you can’t guess from the beginning that they are made from paper. Read More

Irina Sayfiydinova : “You always have to look deeper, the truth is inside the things!”

Do you know that feeling when you discover something that you like with all your heart and you can’t get enough of just admiring that ? Well, this happened to me when for the first time saw Irina Sayfidinova’s toys. These are definitely more than toys! These are artistic characters with personality and a story to tell, that attracts your attention entirely. Read More

Constanzia Yurashko – Be Yourself Inside and Out

Constanzia is a fashion designer I have discovered recently. Her works are unique and attract the attention immediately. Simple yet sophisticated. Read More

Dark Alley Cat by Veronika Lozovaya

Veronika Lozovaya is an amazing doll artist born in Russia, based in Washington USA. Her unique style is described as Gothic. The artist shows the beauty of sadness and destruction in her works.
I invite you to discover the story of Veronika and the world of  Dark Alley Cats.
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Hen’s Teeth Art – tiny tales in textiles by Viv Sliwka

“Painted buzzing bees, embroidered flowers, hand drawn animals and characters make up the world of Hen’s Teeth Art. Telling tiny tales in textiles.”

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