Wonder Works Folk Art by Mystele

Mystele Kirkeeng  is a self taught, acrylic-mixed media folk artist living in Illinois by way of Texas. She loves developing abstracted faces and figures with wonder, hope, and encouragement as underlying themes. She is mesmerized by the artistic excursions that begin with the simple, elemental building blocks we call “marks”.
The simple act of making a mark, whether with line, color, or collage, helps shine a light on what captivates our hearts and minds, giving voice to our stories. Mystele just can’t get enough!!

The self taught painter abstracts her subjects from what may seem like an unruly, dissonant mess of marks, color and texture, but, to her, it’s the most fantastic playground of imagination and sight.

And for someone like Mystele who never expected to be an artist, these playgrounds are always ღ wonder works ღ.

© www.mystele.com

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