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Tatyana Conne: “…my toys are the part of me”

Tatyana Conne is well known master of her craft in making personalised and so beloved by everyone fabric dolls Read More

History of Parian Doll

A parian doll, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Dresden doll, was a type of doll manufactured primarily in Germany, from around 1860 to 1880. A parian doll, like a china doll, has a body made from fabrics and a head created from untinted white porcelain. Unlike the china doll however Read More

Mr. Potato Head History

Mr. Potato Head is a doll in a shape of a potato with parts like eyes, ears, mouth and arms that can be attached and detached from the body. It was designed in 1949 by George Lerner. Manufacturing began in 1952 by Hasbro. Mr. Potato Head was also a first toy to be advertised on the television. Read More

History of Rag Doll

A rag doll is a children’s toy . It is a cloth figure, a doll traditionally home-made from (and stuffed with) spare scraps of material. They are one of the most ancient children’s toys in existence; the British Museum has a Roman rag doll, found in a child’s grave dating Read More