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12″ ring Atlantis in Barktan with Natural and Hand Painted Feathers, Hand Carved Branch & Quartz Crystal ©

Crafting can be really good for the soul – and it can be extremely good for the planet. A project that uses materials that would otherwise be consigned to the bin means that there is less to dump in landfill sites and more to decorate your home.It’s all about turning trash into treasures – so joint eco-craft revolution!

This topic includes a range of crafts which make the most of natural or recycled materials. This is crafting with a conscience, the emphasis being on utilising materials that might otherwise be thrown away.
Celebrating nature’s bounty, by making baskets from stems of willow, a wreath from fresh and dried foliage, or a greetings card from pressed flowers could not be simpler. You may well be able to collect all the materials you need from a walk in the woods or from your own garden.
City dwellers who may not enjoy such easy access to nature may prefer to try the crafts that involve recycling. You’ll be amazed what you can make with rubbish. For instance, tin cans become candleholders and coat hanger wire is manipulated into a decorative, button-bedecked heart or a quirky chandelier.
Even eggshells can be transformed into mini mosaics that breathe new life into an old picture frame.
An unloved piece of furniture, destined for the scrapheap, can be revived and revitalised with a lick of paint and a couple of new knobs, or with a little hooking and prodding, a rag bag of scraps can be turned into a comfy rug.
Most of us can tackle these eco-craft projects with ease or you may like to get together with some like-minded friends and try making one or more of these projects as a group. A basket-making, rag-rigging, or wreath -making workshop is fun for the participants and passing on these techniques and skills to others will no doubt appeal to the committed eco-warrior.

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