Catherine Frere-Smith’s Wonderful Fabric Birds

Catherine Bennett (designing under her maiden name Frere-Smith) has grown up in the middle of the Kent countryside where she  has always been very inspired by nature. For her final major project Catherine had decided to recall memories from her childhood of living in an old farmhouse, situated on top a hill next to a nature reserve. She wanted to incorporate those memories into the prints of her final garment collection to create something that would be emotionally durable, that her friends and family and herself could connect to.

Catherine had a keen interest in craft and recycling, and wanted to encourage an appreciation of these by making prints that can used on a garment, but once worn, then be cut up and made into something new. The artist had therefore made a ‘make a bird’ print, which holds the patterns for 4 different types of birds, and a ‘build a house’ print which when cut up can be sewn together to make a miniature model of the old farm house.

As this collection is largely inspired by nature, the colour palette is also derived from nature. Using her own naturally dyed yarns, Catherine had embroidered some prints, and the fabric birds, to give each one it’s own unique character.

Make a Bird Collection photo source ©

Embroidered Fabric Barn Owl

Embroidered Fabric Greenfinch

Embroidered Fabric Goldfinch

Indigo Bunting Commission

Embroidered Fabric Green Woodpecker

Embroidered Pheasant

Here is a selection of some of the works.
To see more works please visit Catherine’s website
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