Amber Cowan Sculpture & Glass

Amber Cowan is a sculptor using the material of glass as her primary medium. She has been working with glass for over twelve years and has received both her MFA in Glass/Ceramics from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and her BFA in 3-Dimensional Design with a concentration in Glass from Salisbury University.  
She is currently working with a process which involves flameworking, blowing, and hot-sculpting recycled, up-cycled, and second-life glass that is usually American pressed glass from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. The glass used is generally sought through thrift stores, flea markets and post-production factory runs, the places where it is has been abandoned to the dust bins of American design. Her pieces ask universal questions about rebirth and desire.  Do we get a second chance?  What makes the ordinary extraordinary? © Amber Cowan

Chocolate with Thorny Vines by AMBER COWAN

Spring Mint Bowl by AMBER COWAN

Goddess in sky by AMBER COWAN

Homeland by AMBER COWAN

Procter Fellowship by AMBER COWAN

Burmese Dream by AMBER COWAN

Sky Blue, Cobalt and Slag by AMBER COWAN

White Swan Theater by AMBER COWAN

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