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Like natural flowers, paper flowers are delicate and artistic. Some artists create paper flowers that are so beautiful and real, that you can’t guess from the beginning that they are made from paper. Cristina Ciovarta, aka Christine Paper design – alternative bridal bouquets & creative wedding details, is one of those artists that transform the paper into art.

Hello Cristina, what can you tell us about yourself. How it all began?
I am a fashion designer… all of my studies are from the artistic field, starting with ground school, college to Fine Arts Faculty. I worked as a fashion designer but I felt inlove with the handmade concept when I’ve made my own wedding invitations, testimonies and dress. Soon I’ve discovered the paper flowers. I then devoted my free time to the foundation of this concept, Christine Paper Design – alternative bridal bouquets & creative wedding details – from the desire to create my own way of expressing an artistic vision of shape, color and beauty, to share with other people all my skills and talent.

What are you working on, now?
At the moment I’m working on a lot of bridal bouquets and decorations for the weddings that will take place in May and June. I’m surrounded by hundreds of flowers that will make some brides really happy!

How did your work evolved from you very first paper flower?
My work is constantly evolving. Before I started, I studied a lot of paper flowers as well as natural flowers. Although I started with some standard recipes, I’ve adapted my technique to make each flower look more and more like the real ones … many people think they’re natural. After five years, I am still discovering flowers and methods of work in order to achieve the best results.

How you make the flowers? Can you tell us some secrets?
For me every single flower is unique, behind it is not a standard recipe but a creative process. In a few ideas, the process consists in preparing the paper (a coloration if I want to get a certain color), cutting the petals (I do not use templates, everything is in my head and my hand is instinct guided) and then sticking them to get the final product.

Who are the most loyal admirers of your creations? Who orders your flowers and for what kind of occasions?
The most loyal admirers are those who honestly appreciate me and are deeply moved by what I’m creating. Among them are the brides who want such flowers and for whom I am keen to offer memorable bouquet that will remain remembered for years.

How many hours it takes to accomplish one bouquet for example?
It’s hard to say … days, weeks, depending on the complexity of the requirements. My way of working involves a lot of carefulness and attention to detail … sometimes, only a few flowers appear after a day of work .

How you promote your work?
Mainly online, through Facebook, Instagram and my blog, or due the recommendations from the brides I’ve worked with. I take good, artistic pictures in order to reflect my flowers.

What methods do you use to motivate yourself to create when you loose your inspiration?
Every day I spend five minutes with Pinterest … it’s an inexhaustible source of wonderful pictures from all over the world … I’ve saved hundreds of pictures of flowers, arrangements and things that inspire me.

Do you have a studio in which you work? Does anyone help you?
I work alone because I want to control the end result very well, by myself.

Do you attend any exhibitions?
No … honestly, I do not have time to travel, though I would like to.

What attitude do you have towards those who copy the works of other artists? Do you think there is any solution to plagiarism?
Yes, it’s a phenomenon that we can not control. I think it is best for everyone to follow his path, to make things as personalized as possible, after all, there’s room for everyone, and everyone has the right to express themselves, whether it’s a copy-inspired work or a personal creation.

What do you do in your free time?

I do not have much free time, but I like traveling, taking photos, walking, enjoying the nature and watching movies; in fact, the first thing I do if I have some free hours is to watch a movie.

What is your favorite book? Why?
My favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez; I love him for the surrealistic world he created in “One hundred years of solitude” and for the idea of eternal love in “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

Do you wear handmade things? Why?
Yes, I have few handmade things that I care about very much, because I know what it means to do something with your own hands, I know how hard work and misgivings is put into … I have a handmade leather bag that was very expensive, but I bought it without hesitation … I appreciate every stitch and I know it’s an object I’ll keep all my life. Unlike a series of things, a handmade product is unique and always remains authentic.

What advice would you give to those who are just starting to find their way in flower making? What should or shouldn’t do to get a nice result?
To study a lot and find their own flower-making solutions, this is the only way we can be unique with what we do.

Thank you Cristina for this interview. I wish you all the best and good luck in your career as a paper flower designer.

You can see more beautiful flowers following Cristina on Facebook and Instagram.
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