Handmade toys and dolls by Vera Kondratyeva

Vera Kondratyeva is a teddy artist from Kaluga, Russia. She makes one of a kind teddies and friends for collectors. All of her works are easy to distinguish from others because of their unique  characters and pattern. Vera developed the structure of the toys’s bodies by herself, and sews the clothes in a vintage style. All of the small details you can see on the toys are designed and developed by the artist, decorated individually with commercial or recycled ornaments such as buttons, beads and ribbons . Vera’s toys are made from a wide range of materials including , cotton, german viscose, velour and wool, filled with wood chips and glass granules. Clothes of the toys can be undressed. The artist knits the accessories by herself using mohair, wool and cotton. As you already noticed the artist likes to work with natural materials and this is great. Recently Vera started to design dolls as well. We wish Vera a lot of luck and inspiration.

You can see new works following the artist on Instagram and Facebook.
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