Victoria Rose Martin

Victoria Rose Martin comes from a large family; 6 girls and 5 boys which is probably why  the artist is so prolific with her art. The artist is very happy being alone with her thoughts and a lump of clay. Total introvert at times. Victoria tries to make her art light-hearted, whimsical with a little darkness.
Aside from making art, one of artist’s greatest passions is travel. If the opportunity to travel arises always finds a way to make it happen.
“In all of my years on this planet I have never heard of a person on their deathbed say “oh I should have worked more and traveled less”. Enjoy your life, follow your bliss.”, says the artist.
Victoria’s work is a reflection of life. The pieces are memories of people, places and things she had known. In the small faces she can see members of her family, people she once knew, and even herself. The work tends to be whimsical with a slightly dark under current. There is an exploration of traditional women’s activities or hobbies such as dolls and craft.

The artist’s sculptural forms are hand built using low-fire clay. Which is why no two figures will ever be exactly the same. The surfaces are decorated with stamped words and a variety of finishes, including oxides, under glaze, and glaze.All of my artwork is one of a kind hand built. The pieces are constructed, fired in a kiln and then adorned. All painting is free hand and flow of consciousness. “Yes, they can be a little weird but hey, so can I.” says the artist on her website.
Victoria’s art is collected both nationally and internationally. It’s in the permanent collection of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Armenia. The artist had shown her work at SDC London, England and was commissioned to paint Pop Art inspired murals at the Venue in London, England and in numerous galleries including the Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, the Florida Craftsmen, St Petersburg, FL, and the Piedmont Craftsmen, Winston-Salem, NC.
Her sculptural work has appeared in several publications: including Ceramics Ireland, Art Doll Quarterly, Doll Master (Russia), The Art of the Contemporary Doll, 500 Figures in Clay, The Ceramic Design Book and 500 Handmade Dolls.

You can follow Victoria Rose Martin on the Instagram or purchase available works on etsy.
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