Apollinariya Koprivnik and her beaded architecture

Apollinariya is a bead designer of exclusive  jewelry under the Pikapolina brand name, living in Maribor, Slovenia.Her love for beads started at the university when she was a student and started to collect them. She didn’t do anything in particular, just kept them in a box. She was quite delighted with that collection, always trying to add something new, especially as many shades as possible of one color!

Then Apollinariya had an idea of creating different ornaments with beads on a paper and even framed some of them. The artist thinks that was a dead end for her as a beader, but definitely not completely pointless. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for her!
When she moved to another country nine years ago, her precious boxes moved with her. She really felt the need to express herself creatively. She literally tried everything – from painting to scrap-booking. And then she plunged into bead embroidery. She started to make very simple brooches. She didn’t know a lot about the process and techniques – didn’t  even have the slightest idea how to trim the edges, for example! And the fact that someone could add stones and crystals in the beadwork was something completely out of her reach.

Apollinariya was unaware how much information is out there, so she didn’t even look for it. Only after some time she started to read the books on techniques and get deeper and deeper into it. And then she just started to experiment.
As an architect on daily basis she believes that this profession helped her a lot in the beading work – color combination, composition, different techniques, etc.  She is also a designer at a local crafts store. She gives classes there and teaches the clients new techniques and gives presentations of new products.

Beading is a hobby that she loves with all her heart. She says she is resting when working on her pieces, it soothes her. But it was not easy to admit, first of all to herself, that she doesn’t want to pursue her first career as an architect. She concentrates more on her favorite work, beading, developing it and moving further and further. She thinks if you love to do something you always find a way to balance it. For example, Apollinariya has  always projects that she works on for her business, just for fun and for experimenting!

“The favourite part is when the jewelry pieces find their “home” and are being worn with love”, says the artist. She also feels excited when she gets new materials for work. The artist absolutely adores the moment when she makes the last stitch and looks at a final product made all by her!
The artist thinks it’s difficult to get the right materials. Sometimes she struggles finishing a piece because she can’t find the materials she needs.
Apollinariya likes to create difficult pieces for different contests. And she continues to discover her imagination and talent.

Usually for making a collection for example, the beading artist plans everything beforehand. She thinks through the general theme, color palette, approximate size and form of jewelry pieces. But the creation of each of them totally depends on the mood and inspiration!
Apollinariya really meticulously chooses materials for each project and doesn’t hold anything for “just in case” orders. Usually there are two works in progress. But if she starts one part of a project she has to finish it before switching to another piece.
Apollinariya thinks that because of her love for crafting she became a better person… She is not afraid to bring her ideas to life and to experiment. She is happy to find so many crafty friends and grateful clients from all over the world. Every day she’s discovering new and new dimensions of her craft.


The Creative Lion wishes Apollinariya good luck in her carrier as a bead and jewelry designer and promises to keep an eye opened for her next beautiful works and workshops.

You can find more Apollinariya’s works on her Website  Facebook and Instagram  
On artist’s  Etsy store you can find tutorials on different jewelry design and  try make a piece by yourself.

Who knows, maybe you discover some skills that can impress you and people around you.
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