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Arta deserturilor de Iuliana Tcaci

Despre Iuliana Tcaci și deserturile pe care le face, am aflat de la fratele meu. Eu iubesc ciocolata și dulciurile sub orice formă. Eduard știindu-mi slăbiciunile mi-a arătat într-o zi ciocolatele artizanale Read More


Dear friends, as you maybe noticed in few of my posts on instagram, I am in love with MAELU pastry. I discovered this place two years ago when I was taking a walk on Theatinerstrasse in München, and I could not take my eyes off, of beautiful cakes and cookies I saw in the pastry window.  Read More

Ayako Kurokawa’s artistry pastries and cakes

AYAKO KUROKAWA is a patissier, a pastry sculptor, and a food stylist in NYC. She picks her inspirations from her restaurant experiences, Brooklyn life, and day dreaming in the subway. Read More