Sophie Digard’s Parisian Design

Sophie Digard is a Parisian knitwear designer, and above all, a colorist. She began her enterprise in 1999. During the design process, Digard looks towards nature and artists such as Gustav Klimt for inspiration. Single-ply merino wool or linen yarn is dyed carefully by hand using vegetable dyes. By plying the yarn Sophie crates an infinite variety of subtle shades, up to sixty different colours are used in a single piece. Fibers made and dyed to her specifications in France are shipped to her workshop in Madagascar where her designs are then brought to life by a group of skilled women artisans, nourishing traditional textile skills . They are hand crocheted, knitted and embroidered into unique works of art. The more elaborate designs can take up to three months to complete. Each creation mirrors her belief that color is of primary importance, and she never repeats the same chromatic combination in any one object. All seemingly single threads are actually composed of two colors intermingled to create a subtle play of light and shade. Digard’s unique necklaces demonstrate the intersection between the artist’s intuitive and meticulous creative work and her artisanal know-how. Her limited output means they are difficult to get hold of!

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