Fantastic Embroidery of Ana Teresa Barboza

'Animales Familiares' by Ana Teresa Barboza

Born in Lima, Perú in 1980, Ana Teresa Barboza lives and works in her native city. She studied painting in the Faculty of Art at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PCUP).
“I’m interested in the different concepts one can arrive at by using clothing and embroidery as an artistic medium. An important part of my work revolves around the human body. At first, I used needlework and embroidery to fragment, recompose and decorate the human body. I worked with self-portraits; photographs printed on fabric that were later intervened with embroidery, and decorative patterns that served as camouflage.
Later, after my first exposition, Modos de Vestir, this look toward the human body and the human interior was displaced outward, toward my surroundings. Through embroidery and hybrid garments I ascertained the different bonds that unite us with other people. I used the dress as a metaphor for different relationship modalities, highlighting how relationships condition us in specific situations and force us to adopt specific behaviors— making the garment an extension of the manner in which we relate to others.

‘VOLVER A MIRAR’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

‘Suspensíon 2’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

‘Serie estructura de la raiz’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

In my second exposition, Animales Familiares, I continued working with the relationships we establish in daily life by way of representations of animals and men that adopt unexpected behaviors and perspectives during situations of affection and aggression. In these pieces, the animalistic pathos is controlled by embroidery. These “wild animals” are made more familiar and are domesticated by the embroidery in which they are framed. By using embroidery, which is a traditionally feminine language, the images acquire new meaning as they produce a marked dissonance between image and technique.”

‘Animales Familiares’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

‘Animales Familiares’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

‘Animales Familiares’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

‘Animales Familiares’ by Ana Teresa Barboza

© | Translated by Jose Carlos Muci for  Now Contemporary Art

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