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Tone Finnanger - founder and sole designer of the Tilda brand

Tilda is a craft brand founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999 at the age of 25. Tone is the sole designer of the Tilda brand . She grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and now lives and works on a small island in the Oslo fjord. She studied painting and graphic design.
The need to be creative has always been there for the creator of Tilda, Tone Finnanger – ever since her childhood. The first Tilda collection of four products was produced in co-operation with Panduro Hobby. The first Tilda book was a success and Tone decided to work with the Tilda concept full time. Tilda is now a well known and loved brand among crafters throughout the world, best known for its whimsical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls, fabrics in pastel tones, wonderful accessories, patterns and kits for all desires and seasons.

Cosy, fun, feminine and slightly naive – these are just a few words that describe the world of Tilda. If Tilda existed in real life, she would be a whimsical and romantic person who lives life for the moment and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She follows interior trends, but it’s more important to her to have her own unique style.

Tone Finnanger’s books are still translated into 18 languages and are sold millions of times all  over the world.
The Tilda range consists of craft products such as fabric, paper and accessories, as well as home products and craft books. There is a certain attitude to life in Tilda’s world, whimsical and romantic, like a ball gown worn with wellies – perfectly imperfect. Further you can see some of Tilda’s collections.


“CANDY BLOOM 2016” Collection

Tilda Candy Bloom is an energetic, vibrant series with cute red and blue folklore inspired patterns that inspire thoughts of glorious countryside living. Perfect for summer, this limited edition range includes 12 fabric designs, available off the bolt and in pre-packed fat quarters, ribbons, buttons and more.


“SPRING DIARIES 2016” Collection

Pinks, oranges and aqua shades with florals and graphic retro-style prints lend the Tilda Spring Diaries collection a distinctly ’50s feel. The Tilda Spring Diaries collection has 12 fabrics, papers, ribbons, buttons, notebooks, papers and more.


“PARDON MY GARDEN 2016” Collection

Blues and greens with florals and graphic retro-style prints give the Pardon My Garden range a fresh appeal for Spring 2016.  The Tilda Pardon My Garden collection has 12 fabrics, papers, ribbons, buttons, boxes, notebooks and more.


“SWEETHEART” Collection

Sweet, traditional colour combinations and a blend of patterns and mini blossoms give the Tilda Sweetheart collection a delightful charisma. The Sweetheart collection includes papers, ribbons, and buttons in addition to 12 fabrics and a charming house sewing kit and doll kit.


“AUTUMN TREE” Collection

Shades of green and purple lend an autumnal feel, but combined with dark blue, you have a gorgeous palette that is fresh and appealing all year long. The Tilda Autumn Tree collection has 12 fabrics, papers, ribbons and more.


“APPLE BLOOM 2015” Collection

Nothing says spring more than warm green combined with lilac pink. These sweet spring colours and patterns will have you longing for the new blossoms of spring. Tilda Apple Bloom is a classically feminine and pretty spring collection that will appeal to girls of all ages.


“SPRING LAKE 2015” Collection

The cool shade of aqua of a refreshing spring lake surrounded by light green budding trees inspired the colours of the new Tilda Spring Lake collection. The pattern was inspired by a closet full of sweet retro summer dresses in which different designs seem to belong together because the owner loves a particular colour scheme.



The Happiness is Homemade collection has a timeless look with soft warm and cool greens combined with blue greys and off-white for a wintery palette that you want to snuggle up with. It consists of ten fabrics, ribbons, buttons, papercraft products and more.


“TINY TREASURES 2014” Collection

The fabrics in the Tilda Tiny Treasures collection evoke a classic Northern look with soft reds and blues that are sweet but not too sweet, due to the muted rather than bright shades. Alongside the fabrics you’ll find ribbons, buttons and papers to coordinate with the fabrics.


“SUMMER FAIR 2014” Collection

The Tilda Summer Fair collection invites a sense of joy and celebration in delicate retro colours. Come along and enjoy the sun, attend a summer party, have fun at the market, snack on sweet cakes and inhale the scent of fragrant flowers.


“ALL THAT IS SPRING 2014” Collection

The Tilda All that is Spring collection is inspired by those early, clear spring days, when trees begin to bud and new life peaks out into the world. This concept is reflected in sweet little lambs, birds and flowers in soft powdery hues and shades of grey-brown.

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