DIY: Artist Teddy bear Hedgehog Free Step by step TUTORIAL by SoftlyBearPaw

Teddy bear Hedgehog ©

This is a Teddy bear Hedgehog free tutorial by SoftlyBearPaw. Teddy Hedgehog is 19cm tall while standing.

Material list

Hedgehog mohair 9mm pile – 20x20cm
Brown viscose 6mm pile – 25x22cm
Little piece of suedine for ears
6mm black glass eyes
6 x 15mm wooden discs for head and arms
4 x 20mm wooden discs for legs
10 x 12mm washers
5 T-shape cotter pins
Fiber fill for stuffing
Steel pellets for legs and tummy
Strong thread for sewing
Very strong eye yarn
Nose thread

Sewing Supplies
Little sharp scissors, Awl, Pins and needles, Cotter key and long nose pliers, Wooden stuffer, Fray stop, Oil paint and paintbrush for shading.

Bear Pattern
First of all you will need to transfer the pattern on heavy paper, and cut out all the details. Mark all the signs that are shown on the pattern.
The arrow indicates the direction of the hair. The big dot shows the place where you will need to make a hole for joints. You also see a marked places where you must leave open place. Just make sure than you made a good knots in the end of seams and stain the open place with stir fray glue.


Transfer them to the wrong side of the fabric. It is most convenient to make it with a ballpoint pen. On light color fabrics I just use a pencil. Mark out all the pairs of items in mirror image. All my patterns are with 3mm seam allowance so you don’t need to add more. When working with patterns, pay special attention to all the marks! Transfer them all on the fabric.
Once the pieces all fit correctly onto the fabric then cut them out using a sharp scissors. I use embroidery scissors for cutting the pile. When cutting out fur (especially those with longer pile) insert the scissors under the fur when you cut.

Start with the head and muzzle pieces. Place these pieces together with the furs together (inside out) and pin them. (You can never use too many pins!)When pieces are pined then sew them. Use back stitch to sew the pieces together. All seams are 3mm.

After this you will have two head pieces. Now sew the arrow on each of the peace. After you have two finished peaces place them together with the furs together (inside out) and pin all around and sew. Don’t forget to leave hole for head joint.
Apply fray stop to the open area to prevent fraying during the stuffing.
Turn the hedgehog head to the right side out. Stuff the head starting at the nose with small pieces of stuffing at a time. Use wooden stuffer.

Place pins in the position you would like your eyes to be to test where the eyes should be inserted. Cut a long piece of eye thread. Pick one of the lengths, and thread both ends through the long doll needle, leaving a loop at the end. Insert the needle in the place where the ears should be, coming out through the hole of the opposite socket where the eye pin is inserted.

Ezio galva4

Important Note: leave thread loop hanging out of the ear – DO NOT PULL ALL THE WAY THROUGH.
Thread the needle through the wire loop of the eye and insert the needle back in the same hole. Come out almost next to where you started.
Wrap the needle 3 times through the synthetic sinew loop you’ve left behind and pull hard.
Insert needle next to where you first started and exit anywhere on the head.

Nose and mouth
Select a nose shape. Mark the shape onto the nose area and embroider it on using a satin stitch. Stitch the mouth on in the shape you desire.

Sew the back part of the body piece and the front part of the body piece together to form the two sides of the body.
Place the two body pieces together and sew around, leaving the back open as indicated on the pattern.
Apply fray stop to the opening in the back to prevent fraying during stuffing.
Turn your body the right side out.

Arms and Legs
As my hedgehog pattern arms are without paws. Just put the arms pieces rights sides together and sew around the edges leaving and open space as shown in the pattern. And repeat this with the legs. Apply fray stop to the opening to prevent fraying during stuffing.

Sew around the ears leaving an open space where indicated on the pattern. Turn the right way around. Sew the ear closed using a ladder stitch. Pin the ears in place. Attach to the head using a ladder stitch.

Jointing the limbs
Thread a washer and a disc onto a cotter pin. Put the cotter pin/washer/disc set into the hole (use an awl to make a hole) in your limb and push the cotter pin through the marked joint hole and then into the corresponding hole in the body. Add the disc and another washer and with the help of a long nose pliers or a cotter pin turner, turn each cotter pin’s leg away from each other and tighten it very well. Perform the steps for the other limbs.

Jointing the head
Thread a washer and a disc onto a cotter pin. Put the cotter pin/washer/disc set into the hole in hedgehogs head. Use a leader stitch to close the head hole.
Push the cotter pin through the chosen joint hole in the body. Add the disc and another washer and with the help of a long nose pliers or a cotter pin turner, turn each cotter pin’s leg away from each other and tighten it very well.

Use small pieces of fiber fill stuffing and stuff the arm from the paw pad first. Stuff firmly and fill it well. Use a stuffing tool to do so. Turn the raw edges of your opening inwards and ladder stitch the hole closed. Each stitch should be pulled tightly and the seam will close. Tie off with a knot and cut the thread. Do not over stuff the area where the ladder stitching will be sewn as this is a stressed area and stitches may not pull correctly together. Don’t forget to add steel pellets in to the feet about one tea spoon. And then stuff the legs in the same manner as the arms (mentioned above). Instead of making toes on arms and legs I just use nose thread and simple stitch to mark the nails.

Stuffing the body
Using small bits of stuffing at a time, stuff the body firmly. Don’t forget to add steel pellets at first. Make sure that the bum and tummy are stuffed well. Turn in the raw edges at the opening on the back and ladder stitch it closed.

Carefully shade the nail lines and tummy, areas above eyes and around the muzzle with a dark brown oil paint.
Extract small amount of paint on some paper and leave an hour to drain off the oil. Then soak brush in to the paint swept it into piece of some material and line material until you see the brush dye very pale then start to tone bear. But I recommend trying it on the peace of fur at first.


The accessories are of your choice J I like to use natural silk ribbon dyed with silk paint in the color I want.

Have a very fun time making your own Hedgehog and many thanks to Simona for this amazing tutorial…

You can find more Teddy bear PDF patterns of Simona in her SHOP

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