David Roca and His Love for Mountains

Long time ago, when I was little, I dreamed of climbing the mountains. I said to myself that when I’ll grow up I will definitely be a mountaineer, : ) and I’m still dreaming of that… : ) Searching in my free time for information regarding climbing, I found some amazing pictures of David in the mountains, and since then I’m following him on instagram. One day, I asked him what should I do, or where should I start to become a climber, and he was really kind answering and giving me advices. That was the moment, when I asked David for an interview, because I think his story is very inspirational.

Hello David, tell me a little about yourself, how did you get to climbing the mountains? How and when started your adventure?
Hi Gaby, my case is a little bit curious. A friend of mine, who went every morning to the mountain of my city, asked me one day, if  I wanted to go  to the mountain as well, and I said yes. When he said to me that I have to wake up early at 7 am, i was surprised: What??! : )
The next day we went to the mountain at 8 am, and that was for me, the first experience.
Eventually, I became a member of a mountain club… Club Tonibuencamino

Are you a full time mountaineer? Or you have some other activities for living?
Now I am studying at a college, but I don’t have a girlfriend, so I have a lot of time to enjoy the mountains. : ) Every weekend, when I have time and I can travel, I enjoy the mountains, because in Spain the snow lasts only few months…


What does someone need to become a mountaineer besides the desire to get on top of a mountain?
I think a little bit of everything – ambition, motivation, ego…. But to become a mountaineer I think you have to learn a lot from other people. In my case I started little by little and now I feel that I made huge improvement.

Do your friends also share your love for wandering and climbing the mountains? Are they as brave as you?
My childhood friends hate the mountains so they have never shared this hobby with me. It´s obvious that they aren´t as brave as me. But I had the opportunity to meet people that do love mountains as much as I do.

Tell me what do you take with you in your rucksack or bag every time you go into mountains?
I always have an extra jacket and in my rucksack I take solar protection (very important), 2 pairs of gloves, water, chocolate, nuts, mini sandwich, crampons, piolet, helmet, front light, thermal blanket and mobile phone battery.
If I go for more than 3 days I take a sleeping bag, much more food, stove fire, sleeping mat, socks, shirts, tights… so the rucksack can weigh up to 20kg!!!

What must a mountaineer have all the time by his side when climbing?
Coherence and intuition because the weather is very changeable and you have to anticipate any situation.


I believe this kind of sport is really expensive. How did you afford to travel and climb and buy all the things you need?
At the beginning it´s very expensive because the more activities you do the better clothing and equipment you need. Usually I’m  traveling with a partner to save costs. Here in Spain, for example you have to pay  30 euro per day in a night shelter. There is also the option to sleep in a tent, but in this case you have to take everything from home… If you plan and organise well, then isn´t that expensive.

Do you climb solo or you go in teams?
I always go with someone when I go far away from home. But if I go somewhere near, then I can go alone.

Are you a calm person? Do you get nervous before you have to climb? Are you afraid that something may go wrong?
I´m a calm person, but when it comes to climbing…  I can get a bit nervous, if I don´t know the mountain. You never know how the route is going to be. I only can predict that something can go wrong when the weather conditions are not good…

What should someone do, in order to start making his dream real and start climbing the mountains?!
Start from scratch and gradually go on… If you like it, you will eventually do your best.

What is the longest period you have been out for an expedition?
7 days.


Can you describe for us who have no idea , the feeling of getting on the mountain. What do you feel when you are somewhere there, far from the ground and so close to clouds?
When you have a goal and you achieve it, it’s a feeling of happiness and satisfaction! The views from that high altitude are so beautiful, but only who gets on the top can see that!

What is your favorite place to climb?
The mountain in Sierra Nevada (Spain), a unique place as it has the highest road in Europe and the ski resort further south….

What was the highest distance you achieved on a mountain? Where was that?
In less than 2 years as a mountaineer, I’ve climbed 3482 meters on Mulhacén (Sierra Nevada, Spain).

Wow! That’s great! What are the most impressive mountains you have climbed?
Aneto (3404m) and Posets (3371m) in Pyrenees. To reach the top you have to cross a narrow passage less than 1 meter, and down more than 200 meters on both sides. It was awesome!

I believe that! : )
What brand do you think offers the best quality mountaineering gear?
I like Millet, Haglöfs and Mammut for clothes. For hiking boots Asolo, La Sportiva and Salewa. And for sleeping bags I like Diamir. For now I’m satisfied with that.

What advice will you give to those who have doubts in trying this adventurous sport or not, inclusive me? : )
Take it little by little and do not rush to advance. You should climb only if you are prepared and with the right equipment! And of course,  surround yourself with good people!

Thank you David. : )
Check David’s more amazing photos on instagram.


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