Ceramics and Glass

Chameleon, big bowl by BOROWSKY © borowski-glas.de

What can be better than a house becoming a home? Your HOME! When you decide to decorate your home, you decide to personalise it. To make it your own space, in a way that says something about you. Kreativ Løve is here to help you find your own way by offering some great techniques and ideas for your DIY Projects.And today I will name the most known techniques for ceramics and glass. There are a rich mix of techniques for decorating glass and ceramics. The techniques are easy but using them will make you feel very accomplished. I will show little by little in the days to come, few of the techniques that are easy to apply in your own DIY Projects.
Whichever you’ll choose – glass etching, painting, stencilling, or mosaics – you can produce some decorative and functional items for your home.
With just little know-how and the desire to do something creative, you can add texture, colour, and interest to plain glassware or a simple item of white china, transforming it, as if by magic, into a unique and desirable object.
Give a new lease of life to a set of tired – looking tumblers with a simple but effective etching treatment: go with the designs from the DIY projects that you will find on my website or create your own personalised  designs. The same goes with plain, uninspiring tea light holders; these can be transformed with just a little paint into colourful objects to suit the scheme of your room.
Most high street shops sell a basic range of white china at bargain prices, so once you’ve mastered the skills needed to paint a bowl or stencil a set of coasters, you can use your newly gained knowledge to decorate other plain white china – and perhaps, if you get totally engrossed in your new hobby, produce an entire hand-painted dinner service.
In order to complete the mosaic flowerpots, you’ll be breaking china instead of painting it! You’ll learn two different mosaic techniques – direct and indirect – both of which produce really outstanding results.
By following the clear step-by-step instructions given in DIY Projects, you’ll have made your own unique hand-decorated items in no time at all: great for enhancing your own home or, if you’re feeling generous, for giving away as a present.

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